With an increasing amount of discussion surrounding COVID-19 in the news, we want to take a moment to update you on how we’re monitoring the issue as a church staff and explain the precautions we’re taking to keep your family safe. As we make our own plans, we encourage you to heed the advice of the CDC and US State Departments’ travel watches, alerts, and warnings, and to take common sense precautions in daily life.


What We’re Doing

According to the CDC, the simple and practical hygiene that prevents the transmission of regular bugs is just as effective at preventing the spread of coronavirus (which causes COVID-19).

Similar to other organizations across the nation, our staff and facilities team are implementing an extra layer of cleaning and sanitizing precautions on our campus. That includes increasing our cleaning schedules and procedures, disinfecting commonly touched surfaces, and applying an extra layer of detail to our kids areas and classrooms. We understand some of our members have adjusted how they greet one another for each service and we have no issue if the traditional handshake is bypassed in the mean time.


What It Means for You

We have cancelled church and other ministries during this time and will reevaluate the situation on April 1st. Even with our ministries on hold right now, we want to make sure we are here for you! We want to continue to help you grow and pray with you, even we can't meet in person. Please don't hesitate to call us if you ever need anything.

Church Giving

If you’re a regular giver at South Haven, please continue to give either in-person or online. Your continued generosity is a vital resource that enables us to continue our Gospel-mission on a weekly basis. Further efforts to adapt our worship gatherings, our events, and our programs will be made if deemed necessary.



Above all else, remember that we serve a sovereign God who instructs us not to live in a spirit of fear. God is good, He’s faithful, and we know that He’s still at work all around us.

Let’s continue to be the Church and walk with God together in the days ahead. We’ll keep you updated should our schedules change in the future. If you have any questions please contact us at info@shbcministries.org or call us at (615)384-5073.