The Reformers Unanimous Ministry is a ministry to break the chains of addiction. It is a counseling program. It is a program that provides accountability. It encompasses so many great aspects; you will have to visit to fully understand it all. We meet on the campus of South Haven Baptist Church every Friday night @ 7PM (just follow the signs!). Here you will find people to talk to, and Hope for your hurting and pain.

Believing that Christ alone can give the power to overcome addictions and Spiritual strongholds, we teach Bible principles as the answers to many problems. -
John 8:32, Galatians 6:5, Galatians 5:1, Hebrews 12:1
About Reformers Unanimous
> Time: every Friday night - 7:00pm
> Childcare: YES! and it's not just babysitting! A complete program is planned for your children ages 4-11.
Purpose of Reformers Unanimous
> Know Christ through Salvation - Ephesians 2:13-15
> Follow Christ through Identification - John 10:27
> Grow in Christ through Cultivation (Discipleship) - Colossians 2:7
Products Used in Reformers Unanimous
> The Bible -  II Timothy 3:16
> Daily Journal -  Joshua 1:8

> Stronghold Personal Study Course -  II Corinthians 10:4
> Student Workbook
> Ten Principles of Prosperity Booklet
Principles of Reformers Unanimous
> If God's against it, so am I!
> Every sin has its origin in our hearts.
> It is easier to keep the heart clean than it is to clean it after has been defiled.
> We cannot fight a fleshly appetite by indulging in it.
> Small compromises lead to great disasters (little sins lead to big sins)
> Those who do not love the Lord will not help us serve the Lord.
> Our sinful habits do hurt those who are following us.
> It is not possible to fight a fleshly temptation with fleshly weapons.
> We lose our freedom to choose when we give in to temptation. The consequences of our choices are inevitable, incalculable and up to God.
> God balances guilt with blame. Accept the blame for your actions and God will remove the guilt.

For more information contact johnny norton

or call 615-543-5703